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Be a GEM

Help your career. Help the World. Be a GEM! GEMs earn their Social Entrepreneur Certificate by creating and leading a philanthropic mission. Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission provides inspiration, training, support and validation.


Social Entrepreneurs enjoy the dual benefits of being an entrepreneur and the joy of philanthropy. “Entrepreneurs really are happier than other people” according to Forbes Magazine in their article titled “Survey: Entrepreneurs are Happiest People on Planet”. Business News Daily puts it this way: “Want to be happy in your career and personal life? Become an entrepreneur.”

Help your career

Earning your GEM Certificate shows that you are a caring person who is well integrated into the local or global community. It also proves that you have initiative and creativity and that you possess skills for leadership, communication and business.

GEMs create and lead a philanthropic Mission.

The Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission provides a free service to support GEMs and issues GEM Certificates.


“A GEM Mission is like an Eagle Scout Project for Adult Entrepreneurs. Everyone should do it.”

Master Commander Alden Mills – US Navy Seal

Inventor & CEO, Author, Speaker

Barcelona, Spain

“The GEM Mission establishes a new career paradigm.”

Frank LeCates – Founder, Silverpoint

Educational System Innovator & Entrepreneur

New York, NY

“The GEM Certificate proves that a job candidate is a community leader.”

Rich Pearson – SVP UpWork, CMO Elance

Pioneering Freelance Career Expert

San Francisco, CA USA



Your Mission must demonstrate creativity and leadership along with business planning and execution.

Be more inventive than just volunteering or fundraising.

Social entrepreneurship requires developing and implementing a solution to a social or environmental issue.


Your volunteer Mission must meaningfully benefit people, communities, and / or the planet.


Your Mission’s Website must receive 100 Facebook Likes plus the endorsement of 3 Members of the GEM Certificate Committee plus a letter from a sponsor representing the Beneficiaries.

3 Stages


1. Join the GEM Social Entrepreneur Community.

Take the first step and register now. When you have completed your profile and participated in the Forums you will earn the “GEM Member Badge”.  We issue Mozilla standard Open Badges that you can use on your social media profiles such as LinkedIn.


2. Develop your idea and business plan.

Do you see a philanthropic need and have a truly entrepreneurial solution, an idea beyond just volunteering or fundraising?  Seek inspiration and support by participating in the Forums.

You need to complete a business plan and a Website.  The Website is created for you automatically and you can edit it by simply pointing and clicking.  The GEM Committee and GEM Community are hear to help you with your GEM business plan, which includes your Mission Statement, Quantified Goals, and a Budget.

When you have received approval on your Mission Plan from the GEM Committee you will earn your “GEM Approved Missionary” Badge.


3. Execute

Make it happen. After you have received approval on your Mission it’s “Go Time”.  The GEM platform makes it easy to manage your mission including integration of crowdfunding services such as GoFundMe.

You need the following items in order to receive your Certified GEM Social Entrepreneur Certificate and Badge:

  • 100 Facebook likes for your Mission
  • A completed Validation Letter from your Beneficiary
  • An analysis of goals and results

Example Mission

Will Marks wanted to support the MS Society.  His Mother suffers from multiple sclerosis.  Will had volunteered and he had raised money by running in fun runs but he wanted to do more and he had an idea…

Will wanted to start his own fun run for the MS Society but that turned out to be quite a challenge because of competition from other fun runs.  So like any great entrepreneur, Will had to innovate and differentiate.

Will decided to schedule his run on a Wednesday evening after work.  They called it the “DuskBuster”.  It has been a great success for ten years delivering $500,000 to the MS Society.  Please read about it in his blog.

We are proud to have Will serve on the GEM Alumni Committee helping to approve and validate Mission plans and allocate donations to the GEM Fund.