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John Keagy

Founder & GEM Committee Chair - Barcelona, Spain

John has found 13 companies and has 20 years of CEO Experience.

Blogpost: Why the name “Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission”?

Blogpost: How the idea for GEM was created


Alden Mills

GEM Committee - Barcelona, Spain

Navy Seal Master Commander

Inventor, CEO, Author, Speaker

Blogpost: Polishing GEMs


Rich Pearson

GEM Committee - Palo Alto, CA

SVP Marketing – UpWork

Rich is pioneering how people will work in the future.


Frank Lecates

GEM Committee - New York, NY

Founder & COO Silverpoint

Frank is a serial entrepreneur in the education space


Will Marks

GEM Committee - San Francisco, CA

Managing Director WCM Ventures

Will is a highly accomplished Social Entrepreneur.

Blogpost: How I became a social entrepreneur


Dan Hoffman

GEM Committee Member

Dan is a CEO who failed once and succeeded once, got a fellowship to work on a social enterprise, and just started it up: www.circl.es.


Dariusz Sadkowski

Systems Architect - Warsaw, Poland

Dariusz is the GEM.org platform architect


Laura Best

Communications Director - London, England

Laura crafts communication and marketing strategy


Weronika Gnys

Lead Designer - Warsaw, Poland

Weronika is responsible for the platform design