$100 Grant for all Approved Missions

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Missions must be entrepreneurial.  Typically this means that you have been inspired with an innovative solution and that you have lead the charge to fill the need.  You must be a leader or a co-leader, a founder or co-founder, of a solution.  You must be more creative than volunteering for another Mission or existing charity.

Missions must philanthropic.  They must benefit people or a community or society or the planet.

Fundraising alone does not constitute a Mission.  The many popular and easy-to-use crowdfunding sites are a great way to fund a Mission but this effort alone is not adequately entrepreneurial.  It is not necessary to raise money as part of a Mission.

Yes.  Missions can be for-profit as long as they clearly also deliver social benefits.  Profits enable an institution to be self-sustaining.

There are a variety of definitions of social entrepreneurship but here is one that is commonly accepted:  https://centers.fuqua.duke.edu/case/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2015/03/Article_Dees_MeaningofSocialEntrepreneurship_2001.pdf

Your donations go directly to the Missionary and they are never held by Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission. Because Missionaries are individuals that are typically not registered with the IRS as a non-profit 501c organization you probably cannot deduct your donati on but you should check with your tax advisor.

We have no formal agreements yet in place but you should contact your Professor for sponsorship.

We hope so. Please ask your employer and we will enthusiastically support you.