How I became a social entrepreneur


Polishing GEMs

(excerpts  from edited specifically for G.E.M.) Diamonds are ugly stones. Have you ever seen one before they’ve been cut and polished? Mustard yellow to grayish blobs of carbon – these stones are hardly recognizable as one of the most precious materials on earth. Yet to a trained eye and several teams of skilled people, not to mention lots of hard work, these stones can transform i... »

How the idea for GEM was created

This blog post is a personal, self-centered story about my history in founding Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission. Reader beware. Here are the Cliff’s Notes:  It is about the joy of being an entrepreneur, a joy that is good for the World, and the lesson I learned about the meaning of life at my Dad’s funeral. The idea for GEM was hatched about 5 years ago at a series of fundraising events that ... »

Why the name “Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission”?