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How to leverage your GEM success


How I became a social entrepreneur


Polishing GEMs

(excerpts  from Alden-Mills.com edited specifically for G.E.M.) Diamonds are ugly stones. Have you ever seen one before they’ve been cut and polished? Mustard yellow to grayish blobs of carbon – these stones are hardly recognizable as one of the most precious materials on earth. Yet to a trained eye and several teams of skilled people, not to mention lots of hard work, these stones can transform i... »

How the idea for GEM was created

This blog post is a personal, self-centered story about my history in founding Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission. Reader beware. Here are the Cliff’s Notes:  It is about the joy of being an entrepreneur, a joy that is good for the World, and the lesson I learned about the meaning of life at my Dad’s funeral. The idea for GEM was hatched about 5 years ago at a series of fundraising events that ... »

Why the name “Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission”?