$100 Grant for all Approved Missions

Limited time only


We are on a mission to inspire and enable social entrepreneurs from the grassroots around the World.  The Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission aspires to a new paradigm in which completing a philanthropic and entrepreneurial Mission is a standard part of a career path.  We hope for a future in which people don’t just go to school and get jobs, they also complete GEM Missions.  We look forward to a World where employers and schools recognize and reward accredited social entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission is to support socially-minded entrepreneurs in developing and completing their Missions. These volunteers sacrifice lucrative for-profit opportunities and so the Grassroots Entrepreneur Mission awards them “GEM Certificates” in order give them validation and propel their careers.  GEM Missions make the World better while helping the entrepreneur to further develop skills and connections and the GEM Certificate provides credibility.